Unfortunately, Heather has a health issue which requires her to cancel the webinar. We hope to reschedule it again soon when she is doing better.

Explore the heart of the chart through the Moon’s condition, Lunar myths, and magical timing. 

The Moon describes the emotional prime directive with which we walked into this life, the energetic river running underneath all we do, the rhythms we need to feel understood. The sign, house, phase, sect, nodes, and aspects of the moon encapsulate how we perceived our primary family dynamics and how we project this perception onto our family of choice, and also give us a map to evolve that pattern. But we need to approach the Moon, the heart of the chart with our soul and much as our mind. Rumi “ Close the language door and open the love window. The moon won’t use the door, only the window”

As an astrologer we can draw down the Moon to help our clients feel seen and heard. When we give advice contrary to the nature of their Moon, no matter how well it fits the rest of the chart, they may mentally agree, but their heart won’t be in it. When we speak to their Moon we can help them align with their underground rivers of comfort and passion to build momentum.  We’ll take a look at the mundane and magical uses of a detailed lunar calendar and use that reflection, along with nuance from the rich cannon of lunar deities, to get to the heart of the natal chart. 

Robbins HR100Bio: Heather Roan Robbins  www.starcodes.us is a ceremonialist, spiritual counselor and astrologer with +35 years’ experience. Her active practice specializes in the astrology of relationship and of the spiritual path. She was president of the Minnesota NCGR chapter for the last 4 years and has written Starcodes, a weekly mundane column for The Santa Fe New Mexican and other websites for 20+ years, writes the yearly overview for WeMoon  calendar,  co-authors (with Anne Ortlee and Mark Wolz) the weekly radio blog Access Astrology,  and authored Moon Wisdom from Cico Books, 2015.