Come to Kepler's Astrology Cafe for International Astrology Day!

We scheduled hours of conversation with astrologers from around the world on the historical and philosophical astrological traditions relating Soul and the expansion of our solar system. Come listen and participate in discussions on the nature of soul, differing views on reincarnation, fate vs. free will, consciousness and how these ideas have been related to astrological symbolism and the natal chart.


8:30 AM PDT    Introduction from your hosts Enid Newberg and Donna Woodwell
9:00 AM PDT    Rose Marcus and Sol Jonassen 
10:00 AM PDT  Gary Gomes and Kenneth Miller
11:00 AM PDT  Mark Jones and Keith Hackwood
12:00 PM PDT  Alan Oken
1:00 PM PDT    Charles Obert and Ryhan Butler
2:00 PM PDT    Barbara Millios and Patricia Walsh


Butler Ryhan200

Ryhan Butler

Ryhan Butler is a practicing astrologer from the Dallas, TX area.  He has lectured both nationally and locally, hoping to spread the use of medieval techniques to those who would otherwise not encounter them or immediately see their use.  He is the administrator of the Medieval Astrology Guide website, which is a resource for the concepts and techniques of medieval astrology.  Ryhan is also actively involved in the astrological community as a member of AYA and is currently on the steering committee of AFAN.


Gomes Gary100pxGary Gomes, PhD

Gary Gomes has worked several years as State Vocational Education Liaison for 38 school districts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is also among the first wave of Westerners to take up Hindu astrology and is a founding member and Board member of the American College of Vedic Astrology located in Sedona, Arizona. Gary has also lectured on Hindu Astrology throughout the continental United States, in Hawaii and in England. He is an ordained Swami of the Temple of Kriya Yoga and is a duly initiated practicing Hindu of the Shaivite tradition. He has also been an Assistant Professor of Jyotisha (Hindu Astrology) at the Hindu University of America and is a Reiki Master. 

solJonassen 100pxSol Jonassen 

Evolutionary astrologer Sol W. Jonassen is based in Bergen, Norway, where she is currently dong her service as a human being, astrologer, healer, yogini and mother to two wonderful children and two cats. She is also the primus motor behind the annual Norwegian astrology conference Polaris, serves as a board member for the Norwegian Astrology Association, provides astrology columns for the biggest publication in Norway, teaches astrology online and on site, and enjoys an occasional trip abroad to talk about her passions in astrology. Her primary expertise is in the filed of psychotherapeutic astrology. She’s also a trained healer and meditation instructor, synthesizing all in her practice.

hackwood keithKeith Hackwood

Keith Hackwood is a counsellor, Psychosynthesis therapist, supervisor and Mindfulness teacher working in Newport, South Wales. He has been in practice for more than twelve years and have many thousands of hours of client experience. His work is mainly with individuals, though he also works with couples and groups too. Apart from Psychosynthesis Keith works with traditions of Mindfulness and has taught many courses and retreats across South Wales, and also online. Over the years I have run a number of Men’s Groups, and these continue today. Keith and Mark Jones have collaborated together for many years.

jones markMark Jones

Mark Jones is an astrologer, teacher, psychosynthesis therapist and poet. Educated at the Universities of Warwick and Manchester and with the Synthesis organization in Bristol, Mark is internationally known for his work in the field of evolutionary astrology in the style of Jeffrey Wolf Green. His first book was Healing the Soul and he is currently in the middle of finishing another. 


Rose Marcus100pxRose Marcus 

Rose Marcus, Evolutionary Astrologer, ISAR CAP, resides in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She wrote about Pluto’s transit through Capricorn in her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrology”, which was published by Llewellyn Worldwide, in July, 2010. She is currently working on a book on Chiron. Rose writes a weekly astrology column for The Georgia Straight Newspaper, Vancouver, (published on line every Thursday: On the last Wednesday of every month she discusses the transits for the month ahead on “Guiding Stars” with host Kristin Fontana: www.healthy


millios barbaraBarbara Millios

Barbara  received an MA in Communications and has studied at Kepler College. She has been an interpreter for the deaf for over 27 years. Barbara uses an evolutionary approach for her astrology combined with esoteric studies in magic and healing. 



obert charles 100pxCharles Obert

Charlie Obert, NCGR Level II, has studied and practiced both modern and traditional astrology techniques. He facilitates a traditional astrology study group in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is the author of the book, An Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology, which is currently being used as a textbook in a Kepler College course on delineation techniques. Charlie's current focus is working on how traditional and modern astrologers can complement and learn from each other. 


Oken AlanAlan Oken
Born in New York in 1944, Alan majored in Romance Languages and Linguistics at New York University. He is the author of a dozen titles, including Soul-Centered Astrology, Rulers of the Horoscope, and Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology. In addition he has written hundreds of articles for Dell Horoscope Magazine and many other national and international reviews and journals. He is a translator, teacher, global traveler and international tour guide, who lectures in seven languages. Alan was the Director of The Wisdom School (Santa Fe, NM), is co-founder of the Australian Institute for the Development of Consciousness, was Director of Esoteric Studies (Quiron Center, Lisbon), and co-founder of, "Your One-Stop Portal for All Things Metaphysical." Most importantly, he is a member of the New Group of World Servers and a life-long student of the Work and Teachings of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul.


patricia walsh100pxPatricia L. Walsh 

Patricia is a certified Deep Memory Process (DMP)® regression practitioner (since 2002) and is the Chief US Trainer for Dr. Roger Woolger’s institute of Deep Memory Process. She worked personally with Dr. Woolger, leading and co-teaching trainings in both Ancestral spirit work and Regression since 2003. She is also a graduate of the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology (2004) and is a certified Evolutionary Astrologer. She is the author of ‘Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy’ (The Wessex Astrologer, 2009).



Enid NewbergEnid Newberg, MA

Enid has a MA from Antioch University in Whole Systems Design. She first encountered astrology in the mid-1970's in college. Her interest never waned. In 1993, she joined the Board of Trustees as Kepler College was in the design phase. In early 2000, she was appointed President of the College as it was getting ready to open as an academic college. She left in last 2001, but continued to volunteer. In 2004 she returned as Director of Student Services and then was again appointed president in 2006.


Donna Woodwell 100pxDonna Woodwell, MA 

Though Donna attended grad school to become a foreign correspondent, she had no idea how foreign she would get. An explorer of Western and indigenous philosophical, magical and shamanic practices, she brings ancient wisdom to re-enchant modern life. In addition to her private consultations, Donna hosts a weekly call-in radio show, teaches astrology and esoteric studies at Kepler College and at the University of Texas Informal Classes, and has written for and Over the years, Donna’s served on the boards of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and as the founding president of the Astrological Society of Austin. Currently, Donna's working on a book about the modern-day applications of astral theurgy.