registerCynthia is back just in time to put astrology's predictive value to the test! 

Saturday, February 6 beginning at 1:00 pm PST / 4:00 pm EST

Can astrology pick the winner for this year's Superbowl? Cynthia Withers will analyze the game chart, the team charts, and the charts of the quarterbacks to make a prediction. Make sure to join us and find out what astrology has to say.

Even if you cannot attend, please sign up! We will be uploading the unedited recording so that everyone who registers can take review the information shortly after the webinar. 

If you missed Cynthia's earlier webinar where she gave an overview of the techniques used, you can watch it below:

From 1993 – 2005 Rusty (Cynthia) Withers did 25-30 shows on each Super Bowl. She predicted the outcome of those games with Gene Easy, the owner of Astronet. Rusty missed on two, but was correct for the rest of the games. During the same period she predicted the outcome on all NFL games each week on her website.

Withers Cynthia 200Bio: Cynthia Withers graduated from Baylor University with a double BS degree in Home Economics Education and Fashion Merchandising. In 1975 she started out in corporate retail at Titche’s in Dallas, Tx. In 1978 she moved to California and worked for an independent retailer, Lonnie’s Footwear, for 20 years. In 2000 she moved back to Texas and worked 12 years for Dillard’s where she retired three years ago. Seven years ago she started teaching for Kilgore College Adult Education where she now teaches GED, ESL, EL-Civics.

Cynthia started studying Astrology in Dallas in 1972. She studied under Marion D. March with Aquarius Workshops. In 1984 she started teaching Astrology. She was on the Aquarius Workshops board from 1980 to 2000, was Director of Publication of Aspects, a quarterly Astrology magazine, where she worked with Karen McCauley, Angel Thompson, and Joan McEvers. She was also President of NCGR, Los Angeles Chapter and President of Aquarius Workshops. She was on the AFAN Steering Committee for many years and worked with the NCGR board and served on the UAC board as well.

When she was back at Baylor she started looking at Baylor’s basketball team to see what made them a basketball player, verses those players that played football, baseball or hockey. She continued her research and contacted the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLH for the official birth charts of their teams. In 1993, two weeks after she had completed getting the date, time, and location of the NFL team charts, Ed Perone gave her the change to start predicting the outcome of the NFL games on GEenie, that was before the internet as we know it today. She also wrote for Astronet, Inc. and with GenieEasy was on 25-30 radio shows predicting the outcome of the Super Bowls, 1993-2005.

Her book Be a Winner…Against All Odds is available on