Since the early part of the 19th century, Western occultism has entered a golden age of availability of once-hidden information and teachings – including astrology’s use by occult societies.

Held January 23, 2016 

Focusing on modern neo-pagan groups such as the Golden Dawn, the OTO, the A.A., Wicca, and other modern organizations, Rev. Bill Duvendack will reveal the role that astrology has played in their teachings and daily practice. He’ll also explore the divinatory use of astrology, as well as other facets of it not normally discussed outside of certain circles, including basic astrological timing for rituals, the astrological significance of the eight spoked wheel, and other elements of astrology in magical workings.

Duvendack BillRev Bill Duvendack is an ordained independent Spiritualist minister, who is an internationally known psychic, presenter, and author. He has presented in many different venues, ranging from colleges and high schools to hotels and national conferences. His first full book “Vocal Magick” came out in April 2015, and has had a dozen essays published in a variety of anthologies. His magical writings have been translated into 6 different languages. He is the current president of the Astrological Association of St Louis and Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church. He regularly teaches classes on magick, astrology, and modern spirituality locally and via webinars. He has been interviewed by the NY Times, RTE 1, and has made many TV appearances. For more information about him, please consult his website: