What do 4 universes, 22 Hebrew letters and a tree of knowledge have to do with astrology? Almost everything!

Held Saturday, January 30, 2016

In this webinar Kathryn Andren will explores a brief history of the ancient mystical tradition of Kabbalah and its association with astrology. Kabbalah core concepts are illuminated to inspire your personal life or professional practice. Three Hebrew letters associated with the elements are introduced as tools you can use as for mediation and awareness.

Kathryn Andren Kathryn Andren is dedicated to healing service as an Astrologer, Artist & Intuitive based in New York and the Hawaiian islands. She holds a BA in Psychology and is 1997 graduate of the Holistic Practitioner Program from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. Her professional practice includes integrating astrology consultations & classes with energy healing bodywork & massage therapy. Her deep connection to land, sea and sky brings both a passionate and practical approach to her consulting, writing and teaching. She is a featured writer at AstrologyHub.com, and presented Astrology and The Mystical Kabbalah at the 2015 OPA retreat. Her new audio course, “The Secrets to the Zodiac, A Foundation Guide to Astrology” is available soon at www.KathrynAndren.com