Presented by Ryhan Butler
Saturday May 16, 1:00-2:30 PM PDT
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Medieval astrology is a multifaceted art comprised of several different branches and philosophical outlooks.  There are five branches of the art; horary, electional, magic, natal, and mundane. Each one builds upon the others in terms of both technical skills and breadth of insight.  In this presentation we'll explore the historical backdrop wherein medieval astrology developed and how it distinguishes itself from Hellenistic, Renaissance, and Modern schools of astrology.  Simultaneously, we'll discuss each of the branches in turn, how they build upon one another, and how a contemporary astrologer can use these techniques to improve their lives and the lives of their clients. 

Butler, RyhanRyhan Butler is a practicing astrologer from the Dallas, TX area.  He has lectured both nationally and locally, hoping to spread the use of medieval techniques to those who would otherwise not encounter them or immediately see their use.  He is the administrator of the Medieval Astrology Guide website, which is a resource for the concepts and techniques of medieval astrology.  Ryhan is also actively involved in the astrological community as a member of AYA and is currently on the steering committee of AFAN.