Presented as a community webinar by Robert Glasscock on April 11, 2015
8 cell simple CC

Astrologers are used to exploring important Turning Points or Crisis Points as shown at the Angular Cross (the Ascendant-Descendant and MC-IC axes). This webinar also examines five other equally crucial Crosses.

They clarify all that astrology reveals about how we Initiate anything; Secure everything; then Refine and Transmit our lives for ourselves and to others. 

Effectively interpreting your Six Crosses yields limitless insights into the Past, Present and Future of every area of life – from Health to Love and Marriage; Home and Family to Career and Money; Goals to Spirituality and Psyche.


Glasscock RobertFor over 50 years (and 40,000 clients!), Robert Glasscock has been a Los Angeles-based astrologer consulting with clients from over 122 countries. For many years he authored over 250,000 words annually in “American Astrology Magazine’s” monthly and Annual Yearbook issues for Publisher Joanne Clancy. His writings for newspaper columns, magazine articles and anthologies have been cited by Liz Greene, among others.