Presented on Saturday, Jan 17, 2015

Geomancy, or earth divination, was the most common form of divination in Medieval and Renaissance Europe and Africa. With low literacy rates, few books, and lack of birth records, the general populace couldn't erect astrology charts. Instead, they created a divination chart by casting stones or counting marks, and interpreted it using astrological symbolism. In this free webinar, astrologer Donna Woodwell will explain how to cast a Geomancy oracle, how it evolved and how you can use it today as a complement to your astrological chart delineations.

Woodwell Donna Donna Woodwell is both a scholar and a psychic. She holds two master's degrees from the University of Texas, and as received than 15 years of formal training in Western and indigenous magical and shamanic practices. In addition to her private consultations, Donna hosts a weekly call-in radio show Donna Philosophica, writes for, and leads workshops and discussion groups online. She teaches astrology and esoteric studies at Kepler College and at UT Informal Classes. She's currently working on a book about the modern-day applications of astral theurgy. Find out more at