Tony Dickey and Gary Lorentzen
FREE WEBINAR Saturday, Sept 27 from
1:00 - 2:30 pm PDT / 4 - 5:30 pm EDT

Historians debate when or even if the postmodern world began. Specifically, we know we are experiencing a cultural trend that is no longer ‘modern’, but when did modernism end? What is this ‘postmodernism’ that took its place and when did the shift begin? Using the outer planets as our indicators, we may have to broaden our definition of ‘modern’ and ‘postmodern’ and re-think our cultural time-frame.

We understand that modernism began as a strong shift toward a non-religious worldview that had its roots in Renaissance Humanism. That humanism ultimately led to various cultural revolutions—political, scientific and industrial. These revolutions have led us to the various postmodern political, scientific, industrial, artistic and existential crises our world faces today.

Examining both the structure of astrological time using precession and historical periods as well as the important conjunctions of the outer planets, Tony Dickey and Gary Lorentzen bring some astrological clarity to historical periodicity and the confusion over the relationship of modernism and postmodernism to astrological explanations of modern historical events and trends. This presentation builds on the work of Barbault, Palden Jenkins, Rick Tarnas and others. They will present a holistic view of past present and future, utilizing synodic pairs of the planets Jupiter through Pluto. How we got to this critical period and what lies ahead will make sense to you in a way easy to grasp, yet leave you with the profound insight astrology offers.

Dickey TonyTony Dickey calls himself a futurist-astrologer-historian. He has practiced astrology since the 1970s. Tony helped conceive the PsyPlan Personal Planner in the 1980s. He published the Seattle Astrology Zine Used Karma in the 1990s. He currently administers Mundane Astrologers facebook open group and publishes at Measuring History (, including his latest effort The 2040s are Already Here. He promises one day to publish all three books in the Measuring History Series. Tony lives in Seattle, enjoys cycling, gardening and is a crazy good dancer.

Lorentzen Gary Gary Lorentzen has been a practicing astrology since 1972, was the house astrologer and teacher for Beltane Books in Seattle between 1975-1978, and also taught at the old Astrology Center of the Northwest. He was President of the WSAA in 1976 and was a founding board member of Kepler College instrumental in developing Kepler's curriculum and instructional design, and he also negotiated with the State for the first approval of Kepler's Bachelor's degree in Astrological Studies. Over the years he has been a lecturer for various associations and conferences and was a presenter at the 1995 World Congress of Astrological Associations in Lucerne, Switzerland. He is the author of the on-line book, The Time of the Fishes:  An Astrological Critique of the Piscean Age, and is currently the President of the Oregon Astrological Association. He has been collaborating with Tony Dickey integrating astro-history and historical periodicity with Tony's Planetary Wave Theory.