registerThe draconic chart is calculated using the lunar nodes. This chart coexists with the tropical one, complementing it, so it's better to approach them together.

DATE: April 18, 2020
TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 PM PST / 4:00 - 5:30 PM EST

The term DRACONIC comes from the Latin names for the Lunar Nodes: Caput Draconis, the dragon's head or Moon's North Node, and Cauda Draconis, the dragon's tail or South Node. The Moon's North Node is the point where the Moon crosses the ecliptic from south to north; this intersection is used as the starting point, or 0° of Aries, to cast a chart based on the draconic zodiac.

Unlike the tropical zodiac of solar origin, the draconic zodiac responds to lunar symbolism and therefore expresses unconscious motivations that affect our daily life1. Instead of representing psychological traits, it displays those recurrent emotional responses and inner impulses that we feel are beyond our control, which have to do with hereditary issues or early childhood experiences.

During interpretation, special attention is paid to conjunctions and oppositions between tropical and draconic planets. These links make available more subliminal aspects of our personality which come up by means of the conscious traits represented by the tropical planets and angles. Using Queen Maxima of the Netherlands’ chart as an example, I will also focus on how to blend both charts as well as how to use draconic transits, which indicate the moment in which our unconscious tendencies manifest themselves, very often in the form of major events that alter the course of our lives.


blaquier mariaMaria Blaquier was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1967, and has been involved with astrology for the last 33 years. Her studies include humanistic astrology, Draconic, Medieval Astrology (MDA Zoller 2012), Horary at the STA and is currently studying to obtain the Master’s degree in Horary at the STA. In 2001 she got a degree as a coach and counselor (The Newfield Network Argentina y Chile).

Between 2001 and 2008 she attended the center of Jungian studies Fundación Vocación Humana (Ph.D. Bernardo Nante). She works as an astrologer and vocational counselor. Her website can be found at



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