Community Webinars

Kepler offers regular webinars on an assortment of topics from a wide variety of presenters. Recordings of the webinars are sent to participants and can be downloaded for free up to 14 days after the webinar. If you enjoy these webinars, we ask that you pay a small amount of your choosing. All proceeds will go to student scholarships.

What do others think about our webinars? 

Dear Everyone who make Kepler Online possible,
A powerful Thank You from my deepest and highest self.
The free online presentations are much appreciated by this soul.
Helping us all learn to love one another is no greater offering, again thank you for the outstanding lecture on Planetary Degrees.
Marie Weathers
NCGR Boston Chapter 
Thanks for all you do. It matters a great deal to many who are able to appreciate the greatness of Kepler's concern and aptitude in Metaphysics, to help share and expand Astrology. Your help enables — heals — transforms, as each webinar builds upon the previous. I have only awe and appreciation for this generosity.

Astarte Rose, Cambridge, MA 

PS: The way you host, makes all feel more comfortable, your sincerity and hospitality is lacking guise, which is doubly appreciated. Thanks so much, please know your efforts are well received for many, who find a way to your school via the Internet and Cosmic consciousness — a spiritual and silent guidance towards a collective and common higher frequencies — for Astrologers to be a part of, rather than to be separate from.

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RegisterChances are, four of your next 10 clients will have a mutual reception in their charts. Do you know what it means for them?

DATE: February 8, 2020
TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 PM PST / 4:00 - 5:30 PM EST

Using traditional rulerships, 43% of all charts contain a planetary exchange that most astrologers don’t know how to interpret. But abandon the facile notion that an exchange blends the natures of the planets involved. Rather, mutual reception creates a vital relationship between the two houses owned and occupied by the planetary pair. There are 66 possible combinations in a chart, some with positive outcomes, some negative. 

registerForensic astrology is the art of using astrological charts to understand the nature of events in unsolved crimes and missing person cases.

DATE: Saturday, March 14, 2020
TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 pm PST / 4:00 - 5:30 pm EST

Combining a blend of modern and traditional techniques, forensic astrology allows us to gain insight into the darkest and most mysterious events that we hear about in the world. The planets at the time of these events display disturbingly accurate parallels to what has occurred on Earth, providing astrologers a gateway into understanding what has happened and who may be involved.

registerThe Venus star is a natural rhythm, 5 points are created in our astrology chart every 8 years, yet are also reaffirmed every 9.5 months.

DATE: March 28, 2020
TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 PM Pacific Time / 4:00 - 5:30 PM Eastern Time

The Venus Star pattern and unfolding is related to the Fibonacci sequence, an unfolding fractal rose that continues to grow in our astrology chart. Following this rhythm in our astrology chart over a lifetime, not only helps us tune ourselves to her cosmic and creative rhythm, but adds another potent way to consider evolutionary growth to our astrological tool kit. In this webinar, we will learn how to plot the Venus star in our charts and work with some chart examples to see how it operates.

The draconic chart is calculated using the lunar nodes. This chart coexists with the tropical one, complementing it, so it's better to approach them together.

DATE: April 18, 2020
TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 PM PST / 4:00 - 5:30 PM EST

The term DRACONIC comes from the Latin names for the Lunar Nodes: Caput Draconis, the dragon's head or Moon's North Node, and Cauda Draconis, the dragon's tail or South Node. The Moon's North Node is the point where the Moon crosses the ecliptic from south to north; this intersection is used as the starting point, or 0° of Aries, to cast a chart based on the draconic zodiac.