2022 Year of the Water Tiger: Predictions for the Wild Year Ahead

DATE: January 29th, 2022

TIME: 1:00-2:30 pm Pacific Time


2022 brings the unpredictable energy of the Water Tiger. The dual nature of the Tiger will give us times of wild exuberance (like white water rafting with a tiger in your boat) followed by periods of what can only be described as "catnaps". Together we can navigate this energy to find ways to attract prosperity, opportunities, and to make great connections with others. In this lecture, we will be talking about the principles of Chinese astrology and the specific energy that the Year of the Water Tiger will have for each sign. We'll also be talking about feng shui remedies you can use to attract prosperity energy. 


Woodwell Donna 100

Donna Stellhorn is an Astrologer, Feng Shui expert, and has written 18 books including Feng Shui Form and the best-selling booklet Sage & Smudge. She sees clients for both Western and Chinese Astrology. Her latest book is Chinese Astrology 2022 Year of the Water Tiger. Donna writes weekly and monthly predictions for,, and Conscious Community Magazine (currently writing over 36,000 words a month). She spoke at the 2018 United Astrology Conference in Chicago and the 2019 NCGR Conference in Baltimore. Donna is on the board of the NCGR - San Diego. For fun, Donna makes YouTube videos and when she wants to be terrified, she does stand-up comedy. She lives in Oceanside, California, with the magical cat, LaRue.


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