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The Intergenerational Nature of the Saturn Uranus Square

How does the Saturn Uranus square impact ancestral heritage? 

DATE: January 15, 2022

TIME: 1:00-2:30 pm Pacific Time


The traditional myth of Saturn and Uranus tells a story of intergenerational trauma, and a cycle perpetuated through a patriarchal family line. Meanwhile, 2021 finds us in the waning square of the Saturn Uranus cycle. We will explore the nature of the Saturn Uranus story and cycle, as well as how it plays out in the world and in our personal lives. How can we break the patterns of a story this old, and begin to create new family systems and heroic stories? Where do we focus our attention in the final phase of this cycle?


Gaye Alkan

Aerin Fogel is a Toronto-based healing arts practitioner, practicing astrology, core pattern readings, tarot, and energy healing since 2012. She sits on the board for Astrology Toronto and has been part of the AT speaker series and has spoken for the Canadian Astrology Conference. She frequently offers astrology workshops with mentor and colleague Julie Simmons.

Aerin's approach to astrology merges traditional and modern frameworks, integrating a trauma-informed perspective and deconstructing some of the patriarchal and capitalist aspects of the lineage. In addition to astrology and counseling work, Aerin is the founder and Artistic Director for the Toronto music festival Venus Fest and plays in her band Queen Of Swords.