purchaseDo you know the astrology symbols but have trouble creating your own interpretation? This intensive course takes apart the fundamental elements of astrology and shows you how to create your own personalized and insightful interpretation.

DATE: 5-week course begins Sunday, Feb 5th, 2022
TIME: 12:00 - 2:00 PM Pacific Time 

Presenter: Enid Newberg
Students who pass the final exam can directly enter the certificate course W102 Additional Tools for Interpretation.
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If you've studied astrology but still can't figure out how to put it together ...
If you find the chart just isn't talking to you and don't know where to start ...
If you know astrology basics but still find yourself reaching for other people's interpretations of a planet, sign, house, or aspect ...
If you find yourself thinking you need yet another technique to make sense of the chart ...

Course description

This workshop focuses on building interpretative skills. The goal is to present students with core techniques they can use to bridge the gap between a general knowledge of astrological symbols and the specifics of an individual natal chart. By the end, students will see how to successfully layer different considerations into a coherent and insightful interpretation.

All interpretation begins by building on our understanding of the core symbols in the chart. Students will review the meanings for the planets, signs, and houses as well as the patterns they create in an individual chart. The function of each planet, sign and house is stripped to its core to more easily see how different astrologers and types of astrology have inserted new concepts. This enables students to better evaluate whether they agree with these additions.

Students will tie these basics into a broader reflection of the whole individual by adding in dispositors and dispositor patterns, the major aspects, and the four major dignities and debilities. These additions allow the astrologer to see how even single planet, through its interactions, will challenge or assist in multiple areas of an individual's life.

Weekly topics:

1.    The heart of interpretation

2.    Planets rule and signs describe

3.    Containers: The Quadrants and Astrological Houses

4.    Practice!

5.    Making connections: Aspects, Dignities and Dispositor Patterns

6.    Putting it together

If desired, students who pass the final exam can directly enter into the Certificate Program with W102 Fundamentals II.

All related documents are assembled under each section (week 1 to 6). Our instructor, Ms. Enid Newberg, highlighted every each important topic that we, the students, have to know. We had a fabulously great instructor.


Enid Newberg

Enid Newberg, MA Whole Systems Design. Enid has been a librarian, astrologer, childbirth educator, paralegal, IT and web developer and trainer, entrepreneur, administrator, and teacher.

In 1993, Enid became involved in the dream of creating an academic college where astrology would be openly taught and joined the board of Kepler College. She was president of the College as it opened from 2000-2001 and again from 2007-2019. In 2013, her interest in preserving and expanding an understanding of our astrological heritage led her to help establish the Alexandria iBase Project.

Enid particularly enjoys introducing students to the dynamic aliveness of an astrological chart. She is also fascinated by astrology's history and philosophy as well as its intersection with magic, spirituality, and culture. She loves teach and use astrology to help clients find creative insights.

Enid is an instructor in: