Summer Term Intensive
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In this ten-week course, students will learn a variety of advanced theoretical concepts from the Hellenistic era while simultaneously learning how to apply these concepts to birth chart readings in ways that are easy and fun and do not require one to abandon the many virtues of modern, psychological or archetypal astrology.

The course begins with an in-depth look at how we've lost touch with our astrological roots and why it's so important to keep traditional theory and philosophy alive and well in the modern era. We will also provide an overview of the course work ahead and outline the way in which each class will build us toward a better synthesis of ancient astrological theory with modern approaches.

Topics include:

  • Greek Philosophy and the Basic Astronomy of Hellenistic Astrology
  • Primary and Secondary Motion and the Secret Symbolism of the 12 Houses
  • Hellenistic Aspects and Planetary Sympathies and Antipathies
  • Bonification and Maltreatment Conditions in Hellenistic Astrology
  • Spirit vs. Fortune and Universal Significators
  • Topical Approaches to Natal Astrology
  • Time Lords and Transits
  • Practice Charts and the Integration of Modern Approaches with Ancient Theory

Putting it All Together: A Live Client Reading Experience

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