What is Evolutionary Astrology? How is it different? How is it applied?

Five Saturdays, beginning July 9, 9:00Am – 11:00AM PST
Instructor: Barbara Millios

The first course in this seminar series will focus on understanding the techniques of Evolutionary Astrology as founded by Jeffrey Wolf Green, along with its links to the spiritual astrology of the past. By the end of Part 1, students will have acquired a cohesive understanding of the main principles of Evolutionary Astrology, how it relates to chart interpretation and how to apply the Pluto Paradigm as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

Evolutionary Astrology is founded on natural laws and principles that are experienced universally. There are numerous examples throughout history of founding principles that are part of Evolutionary Astrology. The primary focus is on the Soul, a term has many meanings in both modern and ancient times.

Students will learn about the historical background underlying the main principles of this most recent expression of Evolutionary Astrology. They will see how it fits into the history of modern astrology. Students will also learn how to apply one of its most recent expressions in Jeffrey Wolf Green's evolutionary approach to the symbolic meaning of Pluto. They will explore the meaning of the nodal axis and its relationship to Pluto and Pluto’s polarity point. Students will learn how they can incorporate Jeffrey's Pluto Paradigm into their interpretation of a natal chart.

Every week students will meet live via GoToMeeting, and have additional readings, discussion forums, practical application exercises and other resources in a course website.

Both Parts 1 and 2 of these seminars give students an overview of Evolutionary Astrology as it has developed over the past 150 years and is currently practiced in the 21st century. They also show how Evolutionary Astrology can be used as a methodology within mainstream astrology. Each course examines one of the primary variations in method so students can see the differences in practice. You can take each course independently.

Students wishing to take these courses for credit in the Certificate Program need to take both courses and successfully complete the assignments.

EA Part 1: Saturdays, July 9, 16, 23 & 30, and August 6
EA Part 2: Saturdays, September 10, 17, 24, and October 1, 8