Traditional horary astrology is one of the most potent and precise forms of divination, it allows us to find answers by aligning or understanding the Universal planetary cycles. Instructor Elena Lumen was a student of Debra Houlding and works with traditional horary techniques, particularly those of William Lilly.

Instructor: Elena Lumen
Meets Monday evenings at 5:30 pm Pacific Time
This is an intensive 10-week course with weekly online meetings via GoToMeeting and additional resources in a course website. The live sessions are recorded and available for student download.

In this course, students will examine the foundational principles of horary that can be used by modern or traditional astrologers in their practice. Throughout the class, students will be expected to create and interpret horary charts. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to traditional horary astrology, brief history and philosophy underlying the art, and considerations against judgment
  • Planetary archetypes
  • The Moon in horary astrololgy
  • Career charts
  • Relationship charts
  • Finding items with horary
  • Pregnancy and health issues
  • Financial matters

In the community webinar below, Elena Lumen discusses traditional horary astrology, one of the most potent and precise forms of divination.

Instructor Bio:

Luman EleanaInstructor Elena Lumen, PhD, is a traditional western astrologer and psychologist with a busy counseling practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. Elena got her PHD in psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA. She wrote her dissertation on the value and appeal of astrology as a system of meaning. Elena is a traditionally trained professional astrologer specializing in horary, electional and traditional predictive astrology.