register With Joseph Crane & Donna Woodwell
 (The newsletter had an error) TIME: Sat Oct 3 - Oct 31 from 9am - 11am PDT / 12pm - 2pm EDT.
(Knowledge of how to read an astrological chart is useful, but not required, for this workshop.)

Explore the mystery and magical traditions of the ancient culture that helped give rise to astrology.
Learn how to make this ancient wisdom work for you!

At the start of the course, you’ll “adopt a goddess” (or a god) to help you explore the god-work tradition from the inside. Along the way we’ll uncover the wisdom of the mystery schools of Eleusis, Dionysus and Mithras; the secrets of the Hermeticists; the immortal longings of the Neoplatonists, and how to experience the divine according to the Chaldean Oracles.

The experiential exercises and the insights gained will not only deepen your astrology practice, but bring you into deeper communion with your own divine spark.

Ancient Western esoteric tradition used the planets and stars as an allegory and pathway for personal and spiritual development. Called “Theurgy” or God-work, their esoteric religious practice, magic, and ritual has psychological and philosophical dimensions that continue to be relevant to astrology as we practice it now.

Over these five weeks we'll cover:

Session 1: The Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Traditions
Session 2: The Hermetic Tradition: Cosmos and Gods
Session 3: Magic in the Hellenistic World (the Old Magic)
Session 4: Astral Theurgy – “God-Work” and You
Session 5: Magic, Magic Everywhere (what happened when you invited the deity to dinner)

Aside from adopting a god/dess, there is no required homework for this workshop.

In addition to live meetings 2 hours per week, students will

  • have access to a private course site for additional readings
  • exercises and practices you can test for yourself!
  • an ongoing discussion forum so you can share the results of your experiments in astral magic with others in the class.


Your Instructors

Woodwell Donna 100Though Donna Woodwell attended grad school to become a foreign correspondent, she had no idea how foreign she would get. An explorer of Western and indigenous philosophical, magical and shamanic practices, she brings ancient wisdom to re-enchant modern life. In addition to her private consultations, Donna hosts a weekly call-in radio show, writes a daily horoscope for, and teaches astrology and esoteric studies at Kepler College and at the University of Texas Informal Classes. Over the years, Donna’s served on the boards of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and as the founding president of the Astrological Society of Austin. Currently, Donna's working on a book about the modern-day applications of astral theurgy. Find out more at

Crane JosephJoseph Crane has worked in psychiatric settings, in a meditation center, as a Neurofeedback provider, and an astrology consultant, teacher, and writer. With a BA in philosophy and an MA in counseling and psychotherapy, Joseph is pursuing connections between ancient moral philosophy and modern psychology.  He's written about traditional and Hellenistic astrology, and most recently on cosmology and spiritual development in Dante’s Commedia. Currently he is teaching about the history and application of Soul for Kepler College.