Live Session Dates: 5 Week Course Begins Nov 6

Cost: $295

Instructors: Marcos Pratchett

Prerequisite: Knowledge of core astrological symbols (planets, signs, houses, aspects

**Students will be expected to discuss materials in the weekly live meetings. Please log in to the course (at least) one week prior to the live lecture to engage with reading materials, discussions, and any other preparatory materials required for the course.**


This course is the first half of a module teaching the traditional art of decumbiture and medical consultation chart interpretation. Students will be introduced to many of the principal figures in the Renaissance astrological tradition and their work. The course covers key differences and similarities between consultation charts, decumbiture and horary charts. Ethical and practical limitations of astrological prognosis will be discussed; techniques will include the use of reception, crisis charts, and horary predictive techniques in defining astrological prognosis, in addition to general remediation or counsel which may be adduced from the astrological chart.

1. Uses of decumbiture, consultation charts, and medical horary. Includes historical examples, similarities and differences, ethics and limitations, and an overview/exemplification.
2. Prognosis 1 – general prognosis. Reviews and expands material from MD100, including how to assess the general state of the chart e.g. hour ruler, aspects to the Sun and Moon; houses and their rulers, specifically the ascendant, the 6th and 8th houses, the 7th and 10th houses etc.
3. Prognosis 2 – specific prognosis. Reviews and expands material from MD100, including horary predictive techniques using the Ascendant ruler and the Moon, and Masha’allah’s Reception-based technique.
4. Prognosis 3 – Crisis Charts. Covers the use of Lunar and Solar medical crisis charts based on the decumbiture or consultation chart, and their use as transit charts to the nativity.
5. Remediation 1 – general recommendations. Describes the use of horary techniques such as planetary dignity and reception to help guide astrological counselling of clients dealing with medical issues.

This course equips students with the techniques to give an astrological prognosis and provide a framework for designing treatments or lifestyle interventions using consultation charts, horary charts and decumbitures, for the purpose of helping clients to obtain the best outcomes and navigate medical issues, and to help guide a therapist or treatment provider. The course covers traditional concepts of prognosis, in addition to discussing the limitations and ethical responsibilities of the practitioner; it will enable students to utilize astrology to help clients dealing with medical issues in practical and responsible ways.

At minimum, astrological knowledge of signs, houses, planets, transits, and progressions. A basic understanding of key traditional concepts such as planetary dignities, sect, and reception are also essential.
Prior completion of MD100 is preferable but not essential.

Patchett Marcos 100pxMarcos Patchett, BSc (Hons.) Herbal Medicine, MAMH MNIMH. 
Marcos is a medical herbalist and medical and horary astrologer. He is particularly interested in the practical application of astrology, which he uses primarily as an adjunct in the treatment of private herbal medicine clients. He graduated from Middlesex University’s Herbal Medicine BSc course with first degree honors and the Elsevier science prize for plant pharmacology in 2005. He gained the London School of Astrology’s Certificate in 2006, since when he has developed his knowledge of traditional astrology through reading, home study, and experience in practice.

Marcos worked as a medical herbalist in King’s Cross for several years (2005-2007 and 2012-2013) specializing in complementary care for people living with HIV, and practiced from Neal’s Yard remedies’ Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden for nine years (2007-2016). He was the principal clinical supervisor for Middlesex University’s Western Herbal Medicine BSc & MSc courses (2013-2018). He is currently an affiliated tutor for Kepler College (USA), the Qualified Horary Practitioner school (UK), and a faculty member of the Academy of Astrology (Asia & UK). Marcos’ first book, The Secret Life of Chocolate (, a comprehensive thirteen-year project on the ancient history, usage, pharmacology, and metaphysics of Cacao/chocolate, was released in March 2020. He is the author of The Secret Life of Chocolate: For those in the US:; For rest of world: