Certificate Program and Professional Diploma in Astrology

Intensive courses to develop your professional-level skills

Every term includes both electives (some of which may only be offered once per year) and regularly scheduled courses on the Fundamentals of Natal Astrology. 
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registerUsing Comparison and Composite Charts - Explore the Playmates and Playgrounds in Your Life!

DATE: 5 weeks beginning October 7, 2019
TIME: Mondays from 5:30 - 7:00 pm PST / 8:30 - 10:00 pm EST

Our personal relationships with those we love and our intimate partners as well as in our families, communities, workplaces and other personal networks affects how we feel about ourselves. Relationships count heavily in our survival, sustenance and shelter as well as our motivation to succeed. Explore the secrets of personal connections, of attraction and repulsion, and the chemistry that draws us to the playmates and playgrounds of our lives.


Traditional astrology offers a particularly effective system of forecasting that combines techniques to help you prepare for the future and understand the past.

First Meeting is on Sunday October 13
TIME: 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM Pacific Time / 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

This system is known as the Cycle or Turning of the Year. Instead of just using a Solar Return, this method was prepared yearly for each birthday. It has its roots in Hellenistic astrology, came to full flower in the Arabic and Persian eras, and persisted through the late Classical period of Lilly and his contemporaries. Ben Dykes' translation of Abu Mashar's On Solar Revolutions in Persian Nativities 3 is a full exposition of this system.


Where else can you explore the Torah, New Testament and the Koran and discuss astrology? 

Instructor: Carol Tebbs, MA
DATE: 5 weeks beginning Oct 19
TIME:  10:30 - 12:30 pm Pacific Time / 1:30 - 3:30 pm Eastern Time

Literature has long been the vehicle to establish and maintain cultural identity through stories of origin, heroes and history. These stories in time becomes mythology or even codified sacred literature.

registerLearn ancient talismanic magic that actually works! Astrological magic can be used for wealth, romance, career, self-improvement, and spiritual growth.

INSTRUCTOR: Nina Gryphon
BEGINS October 19 
TIME: 9:00 - 11:00 AM Pacific Time / 12:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern Time

This five-week class will teach the theory, methods, and practical application of astrological magic, as practiced in the West and Middle East for the past two thousand years. Historic astrological magic has only been fully rediscovered in the past two decades as older astrological and magical texts were translated into modern languages. We will rely heavily on important magical texts such as the Picatrix (10th century Arabic magical text), the 2000-year-old Greek Magical Papyri, and other medieval and Renaissance texts that teach magical methods. Astrological magic has been growing in popularity due to its effectiveness compared to modern styles of magic, which do not utilize astrology, and are therefore missing the crucial time factor. 

registerMany astrologers have heard the term Uranian Astrology, but do you know how useful it can be?

Begins Oct 26 (5-weeks)
Live online meetings on Saturdays from 9:00-11:00 PDT 

The sub-title of the Uranian classic by Witte and Lefeldt, "Rules for Planetary Pictures," is The Astrology of Tomorrow and in many respects this system has come of age with the advent of modern astrological tools such as Nova Chartwheels.

registerWhat can we tell from an astrological chart about the soul and potential past lives? It's a really good question and astrologers have been finding answers since ancient Greece. This course looks at the intersection of ideas about the soul and astrological interpretation from ancient to modern. Each week, students will have a chance to work with a different technique, applying it to their own charts and the charts of others. 

The latest incarnation of the Recurring and Evolving Soul emphasizes astrological techniques along with a deeper understanding of karma. Topics covered: 

1. Planets are divine (or at least they are people)! 
The Western tradition: karma and metempsychosis
Meeting the characters
The ascent and descent of the soul
Talking to your planets

registerUnderstanding how natal Saturn is operating in a chart is the portal to understanding what Saturn transits may bring.

DATE: October 5, 2019
TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 PM Pacific Time / 4:00 - 5:30 PM Eastern

Demystifying Saturn is an important process in helping us serve our clients and social media followers without scaring them, but rather empowering them to a healthy Saturn experience and delineation. Understanding Saturn in its possible natal conditions can open the door to a new way to communicate what Saturn is trying to teach us.

registerDeclinations are an excellent method of forecasting social change.

DATE: Tuesday October 15, 2019
TIME: 3:30 - 4:45 PM PST / 6:30 - 7:45 PM EST

Georgia will show how planetary declination works from the perspective of larger social programs like Medicare, Social Security as well as various charts like the Euro chart, USA chart, etc to show how on a larger global scale we can pinpoint more precise moments of change.

registerOften expressed and misrepresented simply as the wound, we will explore how Chiron can be used alchemically to heal and be healed by others.

DATE: October 26, 2019
TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 PM Pacific / 4:00 - 5:30 PM Eastern

Chiron orbits between the ultimate bastion of reality (Saturn) and the wild maverick who breaks free from traditional constraints (Uranus), between the visible and invisible, the inner and the outer. In your natal birth chart Chiron's position and aspects can point to how you grow through the deep integration of these ideas as you travel along the spiral towards wholeness.

registerThe most significant roadmap you have for this incarnation is revealed in the astrological architecture of your natal chart, its angles, houses, signs, planetary placements and Lunar Nodes.

DATE: September 21, 2019
TIME: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific / 12:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern

Your chart represents the ticket you selected for the journey of your soul in this lifetime: the "How? When? Where? Why? and "Who?" that make up your continuing karma indicate choices you have made in order to achieve your purpose in the here and now, and offer options for your spiritual journey.

registerThis workshop series presented by Dale O'Brien gives a multi-faceted and practical perspective on the importance of working with Chiron in our astrological charts. (And Practical Too!)

DATE: 7-week series begins September 29
TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time / 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

The diverse mythology of Chiron is much more than “wounded healer.” Chiron shows us openings. Not just open wounds, but open doors, windows of opportunity, shamanic portals to dimensions above and below. A person’s consciousness is the key to being with, getting into, or getting out of “the hole” and experiencing “holistically” “the whole.” If one is lacking Chiron’s wisdom, Chiron’s astrological placement seems simply hopelessly problematic. For instance, Chiron in Aries (now) is a time of issues involving bullies and the bullied, “wounded” perpetrators of violence and victims of violence, “Chicken hawk” war hawks and peaceful warriors “doves.”

registerLearn the techniques Robert Glasscock used in his 3-Hour Solar Arcs Webinar of 11/4/17 for his remarkably accurate predictions for Donald Trump and the United States. Students have requested an unprecedented 14th 5-week series of his Solar Arc Practicums

Begins October 5, 2019 (5 Weeks - $100)
9:00-11:00 am PST (12 noon-2:00 pm EST)

The longest-running continuous Solar Arcs Practicums anywhere (now in our 2nd year)! Join remarkable astrologers and students analyzing solar arcs in students' and mundane horoscopes to accurately predict current trends and events before they hit the news! 

Relatively advanced practicums, studying interactive in-depth techniques combining forward and converse Solar Arcs, Solar Arc Midpoint techniques and transits. 

Some familiarity with Solar Arcs required, but everybody wanting to learn to apply them in real charts / real lives is welcome to join, practice, learn and share a unique experience with the largest, best, most dedicated continuing group of practitioners applying solar arc astrology anywhere in the world! Hone your skills. Build confidence!

(Full recordings of each session are included even if unable to attend. Recordings of previous sessions can also be purchased  (these contain no participants' horoscopes analyses). Build your audio-visual library for future reference!)

"Love how all of this was predicted in the practicums.
Really honored to be part of this historic group of astrologers!" - C. Dolphin (6-5-2018)

"The most fascinating class ever and is the highlight of my week.
We are learning the nuts and bolts of solar arcs and wonderful techniques."
D. Yuna

"The techniques are really helping my astrological practice, amazingly so in a number of ways. 
I look forward to the class every week." - C. Zdrowski

Guided, interactive analysis, interpretation and forecasts – with real-world real-time feedback from predictions breaking into the news. These student-driven workshops began with participants' horoscopes and solar arcs and have evolved (currently) to studying political and public figures' mundane horoscopes in light of historic national and world situations.

The interpretive techniques are the same as for personal horoscopes, but with greater depth and explicitness not possible with participants' horoscopes for confidentiality. Public figures' and political candidates' charts (because their lives are in the public record) allow in-depth analysis of horoscopes for people (and scandals like Jeffrey Epstein) to a depth not possible with participants' horoscopes alone.

Further, a greater number of horoscopes can be studied than when limited to participants' horoscopes - and the "feedback" through subsequently published news developments greatly expands and confirms the validation of predictive accuracy and timing afforded by these techniques (equally applicable in participants' and clients' horoscopes).

This exceptional group has used astrology to analyze and answer questions like:


Here you will find a list of courses for the next term of the Kepler Certificate Program as well as courses over several weeks that include an online course site.

Kepler offers regular webinars on an assortment of topics from a wide variety of presenters. Recordings of the webinars are sent to participants and can be downloaded for free up to 14 days after the webinar. If you enjoy these webinars, we ask that you pay a small amount of your choosing. All proceeds will go to student scholarships.

What do others think about our webinars? 

Dear Everyone who make Kepler Online possible,
A powerful Thank You from my deepest and highest self.
The free online presentations are much appreciated by this soul.
Helping us all learn to love one another is no greater offering, again thank you for the outstanding lecture on Planetary Degrees.
Marie Weathers
NCGR Boston Chapter 
Thanks for all you do. It matters a great deal to many who are able to appreciate the greatness of Kepler's concern and aptitude in Metaphysics, to help share and expand Astrology. Your help enables — heals — transforms, as each webinar builds upon the previous. I have only awe and appreciation for this generosity.

Astarte Rose, Cambridge, MA 

PS: The way you host, makes all feel more comfortable, your sincerity and hospitality is lacking guise, which is doubly appreciated. Thanks so much, please know your efforts are well received for many, who find a way to your school via the Internet and Cosmic consciousness — a spiritual and silent guidance towards a collective and common higher frequencies — for Astrologers to be a part of, rather than to be separate from.

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Kepler offers an ever-changing selection of short workshops for professionals and individuals interested in different aspects of astrological philosophy and practice.

Registering for one of our events will place you on our newsletter list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you find it difficult to schedule a course where you must meet at a regular time, we have a growing number of independent study options. These courses can be taken at any time. You will have an online course site with resources, materials and assignments. The instructor is available by email and is always willing to help if you find yourself with unanswered questions.

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