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Sept 29: Chiron: Key to the Doors of Perception (7 weeks)


Sept 29: Chiron: Key to the Doors of Perception (7 weeks) wkdo20190929
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This workshop series presented by Dale O'Brien gives a multi-faceted and practical perspective on the importance of working with Chiron in our astrological charts. (And Practical Too!)

DATE: 7-week series begins September 29
TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time / 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

The diverse mythology of Chiron is much more than “wounded healer.” Chiron shows us openings. Not just open wounds, but open doors, windows of opportunity, shamanic portals to dimensions above and below. A person’s consciousness is the key to being with, getting into, or getting out of “the hole” and experiencing “holistically” “the whole.” If one is lacking Chiron’s wisdom, Chiron’s astrological placement seems simply hopelessly problematic. For instance, Chiron in Aries (now) is a time of issues involving bullies and the bullied, “wounded” perpetrators of violence and victims of violence, “Chicken hawk” war hawks and peaceful warriors “doves.”

Mythological Chiron, ever the Outsider, lived and lives in Nature, not so much indoors. Decades ago on Sunday mornings, Catholic Mass was televised in black and white as “Mass for Shut-ins” to solitary sufferers unable to attend church “in the flesh.” In analogous spirit, this seven-week Sunday morning (PDT/PST) course offers Chironic perspectives and full spectrum practical applicable astrological analysis of astrological Chiron via an Internet cyberspace meeting room. “There ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, Baby”, yet we can do the best that we can positively repurpose for a couple of hours out of a week to use the very Promethean/Uranian technology that could try to steal our souls and trash Gaia.

Decades ago, your presenter, Dale O’Brien, 68, was one of the initial explorers of astrological Chiron. His applied mythology approach to astrology is grounded in years of research as well as validation from colleagues, clients, students and friends. He has revived and enhanced his seven-week in person Chiron classes from the mid-90s for this series of workshops. Presentations are 90 minute each, with 30 minutes for questions comments and Chironic conversations.

Week 1: Chiron, Myth of Our Times (Sept 29)
Week 2: Chiron Soul Journey Truth (Oct 6) - Key to the Doors of Perception and the Windows of the Soul
Week 3: Chiron in Time and Space (Oct 13)
Week 4: Chiron by Sign (Oct 20)
Week 5: Chiron by House (Oct 27)
Week 6: Chiron and the Gods and Goddesses (Nov 3)
Week 7: Chiron Crystal-clear: Multi-faceted Perspectives (Nov 10)


OBrien Dale DALE O’BRIEN is a professional astrologer and Certified Astro*Carto*Graphy Interpreter from Eugene Oregon. He began his study of astrology in 1969. Nature was and is his first and greatest astrology teacher. He has been in full time practice since 1991 and has also extensively studied dream with some of the world’s greatest dream teachers.

Dale is considered one of the foremost astrological experts on Chiron. His extensive knowledge and experience with astrological-mythological Gods and Goddesses speak to him, although he usually shares in plain (jargon-free) English with practical “real world” applicability. Dale has presented experientially and conventionally at local, national and international astrology gatherings. He has written for THE MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER magazine and elsewhere, including in From Here to There (An Astrologer’s Guide to Astromapping). You can find out more at

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