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Learning Style Considerations

Learning online gives students more flexibility to schedule study time around the requirements of a busy lifestyle. But distance learning is not for everyone. In preparation for Kepler's online learning program, prospective students should consider the following questions:

  • Can you stay on task without direct supervision? (Or, do you work best when someone is there to help you stay focused?)
  • Can you manage your time well and prioritize your workload? (Or, do you procrastinate and postpone your work until later?)
  • Are you able to learn by reading? (Or, do you learn better by listening to lectures?)
  • Do you usually understand written instructions? (Or, do you need someone to explain them to you?)
  • Are you good at assessing your academic progress? (Or do you need close guidance from the teacher?)

If you answered yes to most questions, you are probably well suited to the online learning model.

If your responses lean toward the questions in parentheses, you may find distance learning is a challenge. 

Our intensive online learning courses require self-discipline. It is important that students structure their schedules and manage their time.