13th sign? No, just another constellation.

ophiuchusThe controversy over Astronomer Parke Kunkle's comments about a 13th sign for the Zodiac continues to sweep through the internet blogs, tweets and comments. The problem is astrologers have known about Ophiuchus all along. They also know about the precession of the equinox. So it has been a non-controversy from the astrological point of view. But that hasn't prevented it from being an internet sensation among those who know little or nothing about the actual practice of astrology. If you want to know more, there are some excellent articles by Kepler faculty and board explaining the whole thing.

  • Chief Academic Officer J. Lee Lehman article The Thirteenth Sign? What to do with Ophiucus notes some of the cultural issues with why skeptics are bringing up this issue and considers the question of whether Ophiucus has any astrological significance.
  • Faculty member Bruce Scofield has an written Am I Still My Sun Sign? gives from basic background on the astrological signs vs. the astronomical constellations
  • Board Chair, Robert Hand, has written on the Invariance of the Tropical Zodiac, on why Ophiuchus cannot be a sign in the tropical or sidereal zodiacs which includes an historical overview.
  • You can also download a PDF of an entertaining article by Board member Gloria Star on The Flap About a New Zodiac.