In the News (June 2010)

For the first time the Vatican has published one part of the 16th century documents related to Science and natural Philosophy censored by the Inquisition. "[W]hen members of the Inquisition started to study some documents, more specifically the ones related with astrology, they catalogued them as hidden science. Two of the most affected astronomers were Copernicus and Galileo."  Click here for video and print article

A Bangalore astrologer stole cars to impress his clients. Hmmmmm..... Click here for article

Here's a blog by Lynn Hayes that I fully agree with on "Don't let astrology support a life of fear." Click here for blog.

The origins of "woo." Jim Lippard is tracking down the origin of the term "woo". He finds a few references (mostly to "woo-woo" or "woo woo") in the 1990s, and then a gap until an article in The North British Review, vol. 1, no. 11, p. 340, in a discussion of "Our Scottish fishermen" from 1842: "When beating up in stormy weather along a lee-shore, it was customary for one of the men to take his place on the weather gunwale, and there continue waving his hand in a direction opposite to the sweep of the sea, using the while a low moaning chant, Woo, woo, woo, in the belief that the threatening surges might be induced to roll past without breaking over."  Read more.

Jupiter caught another asteroid or comet - and it was caught on video. Read more

Two recent studies postulate that life can exist on Saturn's moon Titan. But an astrobiologist from NASA says wait a minute ... Read more.

The Cassini orbitor has captures more stunning pictures of Saturn. Click here to view.

Research suggests that "extreme life on Earth could survive on Mars."  Read more.

Comet McNaught C/2009 R1 will be visible in the early morning sky by mid-June. Read more.

New research suggests the Earth and Moon formed 120 million years later than previously thought. Read more here and here.