In the News (May 2010)

Astrology in the News

Astrology on trial: "Mumbai: Astrology is an ancient "science" and it cannot be banned, the Union Government has said in an affidavit filed in the Bombay High Court here." Read more

Unethical or simply practical? The Indian Council of Astrological Sciences has claimed that companies have been consulting astrologers for recruiting and sacking employees."Now several companies are consulting astrologers for hiring and firing the professionals," said Justice S N Kapoor, Chairperson International wing of ICAS and former Judge of Delhi High Court.  Read more

Another article on using the Moon to make your wine taste better, Maria and Matthias Thun claim each day can be defined as a "fruit, flower, leaf or root day" corresponding to the lunar calendar.  Read more

An object lesson on the dangers of blatant predictions. Astrologer advice kept Chennai Super Kings owner, N Srinivasan, away from Indian Premier League Final. The astrologer said this would ensure that Srinivasan's team won - it didn't. Read more

Do you have an iPhone? There's an app for the iPhone that gives your sun sign according to the Mayan calendar.  Read more


Astronomy in the News


Jupiter's lost a stripe! and planetary scientists find themselves at a loss to explain what the trigger was. But it has happened before. The South Equatorial Belt (SEB) disappeared in 1973 and 1991.  Read more

Jupiter will be visible in the early morning hours of May 2010. "Amateur astronomers will start to be able to observe Jupiter and continue to be able to observe the largest planet until late fall 2010."  Read more

"U.S. astronomers using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope  say they've discovered what might be the earliest, most distant cluster of galaxies ever found."  Read more

"The surface of the sun undergoes violent changes on a daily basis, but a group of astronomers has found that the size of our nearest star has been perplexingly constant in recent years."  Read more

On  May 14, the space shuttle Atlantis launched its last mission. Click here for the NASA image.  Video of The Legacy of Space Shuttle Atlantis.