Thank you for helping

Kepler College would like to give a special thank-you for scholarship money and assistance from the astrological organizations who contributed in the 2009-2010 school year. In particular, we would like to thank,

  • Nancy Best, president of the Oregon Astrological Association in Portland, both for her personal donation and her for support through a donation from OAA.
  • Christine Arens for organizing the Friends of Astrology library auction in Chicago last August and Christine Arens for her own direct support, both as a board member and as a major donor.
  • ISAR for $1500 toward scholarships
  • NCGR for $500 toward scholarships
  • Astroscapes for their $500 scholarship to a Kepler student.

Kepler is setting up some special thanks for organizations that help, particularly those who aid students who are working to complete their degrees over the next two years.