Lee Lehman receives the Regulus Award for Education

Lee Lehman, PhD, Kepler College's Chief Academic Officer, received the Regulus Award for Education at this year's UAC conference. The education award recognizes the work of teaching through the published and spoken word, or the founding of schools and study programs. You can see her acceptance below:

Lee Lehman has an MS and PhD from Rutgers University. Her interest in astrology began while she was in college.

Lee is best known for her work in classical astrology and horary astrology. She has been active in NCGR and with previous UAC conferences. Lee lectures worldwide and has four books and numerous articles to her name. She is also the 1995 recipient of the Marc Edmund Jones award.

Lee began teaching at Kepler College when it opened in 2000. Her commitment to the development of an academically sound program for the study of astrology, including a critical look at its history, philosophy, and practice as well its links to other cultural cosmologies, led to her becoming the Academic Dean and then Kepler's Chief Academic Officer.

You can find more videos of Lee at Kepler's YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/keplercollege