Rob Hand receives awards at UAC

Robert Hand, Chair of the Kepler College Board of Trustees, received two major awards at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in Denver. First he got the Marc Edmund Jones award and then the Regulus Lifetime Achievement Award.


Rob Hand first began studying astrology in the 1960's. In the 1970's, his books "Planets in Transit," "Planets in Composite" and "Planets in Youth" became standard texts for astrologers everywhere and their popularity continues today.


As he continued in his studies, Rob became interested in the number of classical astrological texts (primarily from Hellenistic Greek and Medieval Latin) that did not have good modern English translations or, in many cases, any English translations. In 1993, Robert Hand and Robert Schmidt started Project Hindsight, whose mission it was to provide translations.


Rob Hand is no longer part of Project Hindsight, but he continues to provide translations of medieval and classical works through his publishing company Arhat Media. Besides publishing books and articles, Rob travels the world lecturing on classical astrology and actively uses ancient, classical and medieval methods with his clients.


When Kepler College opened in 2000, Rob Hand became an adjunct lecturer. His passsion for establishing and improving the academic study of astrology propelled him to return to school to acquired a Masters Degree in Classical Studies, after which he returned to teach at Kepler as a regular faculty member.


In 2007, Rob became the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Next school year, he will be taking time from off from teaching (although he will still present lectures for a number of courses) in order to finish his PhD from Catholic University of America.