Kepler instructor Gary Gomes recently took a trip to Turkey to visit another Kepler instructor, Senay Yangel

I recently returned from my first trip to Turkey (February 10-22, 2016). I had such a terrific time I really did not want to return.

I was the guest of my student and fellow Kepler Professor Dr. Senay Devi Yangel. The trip was organized by her and although I was only there for about 10 days, I felt completely at home there. I left on February 10, the first day of Lent at 10:55 in the evening on Turkish Air. There was actually a Christian service held before the plane ride, which was fascinating and also an auspicious sign.

I have conducted many studies on the importance that the Ottoman Sultans placed on astrology. My research into and admiration for the Münecimbashi system of astrology that spanned from the 14th century up to the late 18th century drew my attention to a correlation between Ottoman Talismanic Shirts and the Yantras of Vedic Astrology.

At a critical stage in my research, I realized the same method of calculation was used in constructing both the Talismanic Shirts and the Yantras.