The search for meaning and purpose in one's life

Astrology is the study of cycles, whether chronologically through time and space, developmentally in our respective and collective spheres of experience, or in the cycles and Path(s) of our Souls in their evolution for the advancement of Self and All. These first two areas are covered by the general study of exoteric, or traditional astrology which we can also call personality-based astrology. This type of astrology addresses the wants of the ego as in "When will I win/inherit a million dollars?" "When will I meet the love of my life?", etc., whereas the latter part addressing Soul is the area for Esoteric or Soul-centered astrology. This is the type of astrology that answers, "what is my Purpose?" and, "why am I here?" as well as giving one the understanding of one's place within the greater collective.

Exploring Alice Bailey’s life and work was one of the happy surprises of the “Soul” series (from E520C The Recurring and Evolving Soul), and she was the highlight of my presentation “Soul in the Twentieth Century”. She was one of the first modern astrologers who used channeling as a major method of acquiring information.

Even if you are not familiar with her, you may have heard of 7-rays astrology, which she founded. For those who explore “New Age” ideas, and to the extent that modern astrology is intertwined with New Age ideas and inclinations, one must acknowledge the influence of Alice Bailey.

The character of Dracula in Bram Stoker's enduring classic has occult associations with the astrological zodiac as well as the Tarot deck designed by Miss Pamela Colman Smith.

It should be mentioned that Miss Smith traveled with the stage acting Company of Sir Henry Irving whose stage manager was none other than Bram Stoker. Both Miss Smith and Bram Stoker were members of the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn in England. (The Templar Revelation by Lynn Picknett, p. 201)

By Walter Cambra
The center of our solar system is the Sun, the Giver of Life, and light to the whole system. It is the principal influence throughout the whole system of astrology and is the representative of Self.[1] The Sun is the giver of the life principle, or the breath of life, and when manifesting in the physical world the Sun represents the specialized life or Prana in each separate individual.[2]

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