Board Chairs

Margaret Nalbandian - founder of Kepler College and instigator of the first meeting in 1992, incorporation in 1993, obtaining non-profit status and the beginning of course development

Joanne Wickenburg - brought us through our first authorization and opening for classes in 2000
Carol Tebbs - worked for a year from 2003-2004 to stablize our finances and move toward the future
Nico March, Jr. - helped with development for a short time during the academic phase 2004-2007
Robert Hand - guided the board through the transition from academic to general astrological courses from 2007-2016
Christine Arens - after being on the board for many years, she helped us during our restructure and revisioning in 2016-2018 

Emeritus Board Members 

Nicholas Campion - who helped inspire us toward educational excellence for 9 years
Mark Douglas - without whom Kepler would not have survived its early years
Kelli Fox
Shirley Huson
Stephen James
Rick Levine
Gary Lorentzen - who helped design the initial curriculum
Roxana Muise - who never flagged in her support and promotion
Michael Munkasey
Laura Nalbandian
Enid Newberg
Frances Rackow
Linda Sherwin
Georgia Stathis - a steady guide for our business and strategic development
Martha Taub
Carol Tebbs - without whom Kepler would have floundered in its early academic life
Robert Williams


Kepler President:
Kenneth Miller

Vice President:
Carol Tebbs

Director of Operations:
Donna Young

Director of Certificate Program:
Karen McCauley

Director of IT:
Enid Newberg

Jillian Yuhas

Jan Porter

Board Officers
Omari Martin, Chair
Tamira McGillivrary, Vice-Chair
Denise Menton, Secretary
Enid Newberg, Treasurer