Board and Administration

The Kepler College Board of Trustees helps guide the college in its development, strategic planning and financial soundness. Board members have a passion for both astrology and the promotion of excellence in astrological education.


Board Members

Tamira McGillivray, Vice Chair

Enid Newberg, Treasurer

Denise Menton, Secrertary

Bruce Scofield, Director of Research

Candace Winn - Kepler Recording Coordinator

Alex Zolotov - Director of Marketing

Gary Gomes - Board member

C Ihara - Student Repesentative



Emeritus Board Chairs

Margaret Nalbandian - founder of Kepler College

Joanne Wickenburg - brought us through our first authorization
Nico March, Jr. - helped with development during the academic phase
Robert Hand - guided the board through the transition from academic to general astrological courses

Board of Trustees
Omari Martin, Chair
Tamira McGillivrary, Vice-Chair
Denise Menton, Secretary
Enid Newberg, Treasurer
Bruce Scofield
Candace Winn
Alex Zolotov
C. Ihara
Gary Gomes

Kepler President:
Kenneth Miller

Vice President:
Carol Tebbs

Director of Operations:
Donna Young

Director of Certificate Program:
Karen McCauley

Director of IT:
Enid Newberg

Jillian Yuhas

Jan Porter

The individuals involved with Kepler College are a varied group, from administration to volunteers. We live throughout the United States and around the world. Some have over 40 years experience practicing astrology and others are relative newcomers. We all care about promoting quality education and professionalism.

Kepler College Articles of Incorporation
Kepler College Bylaws

Kepler College also gives a very special thanks to our donors, without whom Kepler College would never have opened.