Penny_Farrow.jpegPenny Farrow has an MS degree from Cornell University and an extensive career as a teacher, researcher and businesswoman. Studying the Vedic tradition since 1971, she has trained in Jyotisha intensively since 1991, primarily under the tutelage of Hart deFouw. After teaching Jyotisha and Sanskrit at Vedic Vidya Institute in San Rafael, California for eight years, she now resides in Florida teaching these subjects full-time including an on-line option with small interactive classes. She also edits Cosmic Kaleidoscope Journal, a collaborative effort for Jyotisha students to publish peer-reviewed articles on shastra-based principles. In addition, Penny has a regular column “The Eastern Window” in The Mountain Astrologer. Please visit her website for links to the Journal and all her TMA columns. Her email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; website :

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