Ever Reese Reese Robertson aka Ever Reese is a Baltimore, MD based astrologer, Sci-Fi Comic Creator-Writer, and Father of 4. Reese has been a practicing professional astrologer since 2010 and focused his practice on and within the Black Community. Reese is educated in Electional, Horary, Horoscopic (Natal) Western-Tropical-Sidereal, Mundane, and Political astrological Traditions. He has also studied and utilizes techniques from Joytish and Jaimini Vedic, Kabbalistic, Financial, Heliocentric, Huber School, and Psychological (Jungian) astrological systems & traditions.

Reese was taught astrology by Ra Akhu founder of the Cozmophyzix brand of Astrology. Reese is a predictive humanist conceptual astrologer his practice is focused on predictive scheduling, self-empowerment and conceptual-creative astrology. He is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of astrology to the Black Community, especially via the brand Cozmophyzix.

Reese has produced over 75 Astrological Blogs and has Hosted and Produced Astrological based Podcast and Talk Shows such as The Cozmophyzix Show on BlogTalk Radio, and The Cozmos After Dark on Cosmic Council Radio. Reese has appeared as a guest on the live Astrology Television Show; Astrology/Numerology Now and numerous podcasts and blog talk shows such as The Cosmic Council, KnowTheLedge, I Am Astrology Readings, and etc.

The Cozmophyzix brand, system and philosophy are eclectic utilizing a mix of different systems and techniques that work consistently for the practitioner, echoing its axiom “The Jeet Kune Do of Astrology”. Reese’s motto is that Cozmophyzix helps to bring the Cozmo (What is above and within) to the Physical (What is below and without).

You can find him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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