Dr. Will MorrisDr. Will Morris, Ph.D., DAOM, MSEd, LAc. Will Morris is the principal of the MedAstro School of Medical Astrology. He has a Ph.D. focused upon clinical knowledge and a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. As an astrologer, he chose to study humoral medicine and homeopathy in order to become a medical astrologer. With 36 years of experience as a clinician using astrology at the center of his practice, he brings a font of wisdom to the practice of medical astrology as a tool for improved clinical outcomes.

Will began his astrological career in the fall of 1977 when he provided his first consultation. While his primary astrological focus is medicine, the matter of the professions informs health and has been an ongoing feature of his practice. He provides consultations regularly for purposes of business planning. Will has studied early Greek, Medieval, Renaissance, Jyotish, and Cosmobiology. His approach to astrology is to use the best tools of a given period for the problem at hand. In addition to the astrological consideration, Will has served as Dean and President of schools offering masters and doctoral degrees in Chinese medicine, and responsible for 3mil a year budgets. He used astrology to manage many difficult strategic planning decisions in those roles.

Will is also a published author. Two of his books are with China’s largest medical publishing house, they are TCM Case Studies: Dermatology, and Li Shi-zhen Pulse Studies an Illustrated Guide. He has also published Cycles in Medical Astrology, and Transformation: Treating Trauma with Acupuncture and Herbs.

Will teaches the following course:


Kepler Instructors are chosen for their expertise in academic and astrological knowledge and for their ability to effectively teach what they know to others in an online environment.

They must be able to produce quality instructional materials that enhance learning by using multiple strategies and approaches. They need to understand how to work with students remotely, and to develop the trust and respect of their students and colleagues.

They also need to stay up-to-date on new developments and examine the interplay of the new and old. And they must be willing acknowledge their own biases so they can present their students with multiple perspectives.

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