Shortly before our academic program ended in 2012, Kepler took the core of the astrological program and re-visioned it into a program where students could earn individual certificates as they explored different subject areas in depth. But we also wanted to provide a full program that covered a broader range of astrological studies. The diploma program requires 12 courses plus 2 chart calculation labs. The program is not easy and takes at least 3 years of study. Maki took on that challenge. Along the way she earned a certificate in the Fundamentals of Natal Astrology, Moving the Chart in Time and The Astrology of Relationship. She had to work twice as hard as most of our students as English is her second language. Her teachers all agree that she is well-deserving of the honor of being our first Diploma Graduate!


by Maki.S from Taipei

I've been learning astrology and reading horoscopes for clients for few years before I entered into Kepler College. But the main reason that drove me to study at Kepler was because I couldn’t feel satisfied with my knowledge, skill and performance in counseling with clients. I felt conflict often about what the proper attitude and behavior I should hold as a practicing astrologer. I questioned myself often about “did I really help my clients to understand their real problem and potential, or did I just led them to have blind faith in Astrology?”,” How are western astrologers doing their work?”…etc. For these questions, I decided to study at Kepler from beginning, and now I can say my decision has been ever so correct!

Maki Shibata250pxEvery teacher at Kepler is knowledgeable, skillful and experienced. Even from basic course, I still learned a lot of new visions from their insight and wisdom. I learned how to be more effective at my consultations and how to combine different predicting techniques for different purposes. In the beginning, I did not notice my learning at Kepler had changed my performance until one of my clients sent e-mail and told me that she had introduced her family and friends to me. That was the most exciting moment! From that moment I knew I can be a real astrologer -- not a fortuneteller!

In the math course, I didn't just learn how to draw a horoscope but also learned the astronomical logic behind it. From the history course and astronomy course, I confirmed that Astrology is a great science--more than I knew.

What made me highly appreciative was that every teacher spent so much time to prepare extra supplements for serious students to explore more knowledge and gain more skill as long as they want. So if you are beginner, for sure you can learn from beginning to professional in here because every course is designed systematically. If you are an advanced astrologer as I was, you still can find a lot of new thing to learn as long as you are willing to ask.

Now, with my sincere appreciation, I am glad to say that I finally got my diploma! My next plan is to decide my specialty, continue researching, and, of course, to offer my professional skills and ability to support my clients.

At the same time, I will continue my learning at Kepler because I feel here has become another home for me to recharge my energy. I believe here is also for every astrologer who loves Astrology and loves helping people.


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