To earn a certificate in our current learning program, students usually must complete 30 weeks of intensive courses that require a significant amount of time and dedication to study. To have your work acknowledged with the Diploma in Professional Astrology requires 120 weeks of these in-depth courses plus a chart calculation module. 

The academic program was from 2000 to 2012. Students had the option of obtaining a two-year Associate of Arts Degree, 4-year Bachelor of Arts and/or a 2-year Master of Arts degree. The program was fully authorized by the Higher Education Coordinating Board of the State of Washington.


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Kepler is pleased to honor students who have put in a significant amount of work to explore their interest in and love of astrology. The Kepler Certificate Program has different options designed to meet the differing goals and desires of our students.

For those who wish to earn recognition for their work, there are two paths: (1) the individual certificate and (2) a program diploma.

Individual certificates are designed to build a depth of understanding around a particular astrological focus. Students have the option of completing a or taking a variety of electives to complete the requirement of the Diploma. Each certificate has 20 to 40 weeks of instruction (at least 160 to 320 hours). 

A full diploma consisting of a set of courses that provide a breadth of understanding of different astrological traditions and knowledge about astrology's history and its astronomical origins. The Professional Diploma requires 130 weeks and the Professional Practitioner Diploma requires an additional 60 weeks. 

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From 2000-2012, Kepler College was authorized by the State of Washington to grant Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts degrees. The liberal arts basis for our degree program allowed our students to enter many different fields. Some of our BA students went on to take graduate-level courses at colleges such as Pacifica, the California Institute of Integral Studies, and the Cultural Astronomy and Astrology program at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Many of our graduates have gone on to become professional astrologers. Some have become lecturers at astrological meetings or conferences. Others have incorporated their astrological knowledge within another field of expertise such as nursing or counseling.