Board and Administration

Kepler has a dual-system of governance so we can meet the needs of our students and the needs of the College itself. Everyone involved believes in the power of high-quality astrological education to help ensure astrology's future.

Kepler's Board of Trustees is dedicated to ensuring Kepler's financial viability and oversees its operations. It consists of members of the larger astrological community, instructors, and former students. 

The Administrative Council is dedicated to the continued review and development of our educational programs to ensure Kepler meets the needs of our students. It consists of the President and long-term teachers in the program.

The Kepler College Board of Trustees helps guide the college in its development, strategic planning and financial soundness. Board members have a passion for both astrology and the promotion of excellence in astrological education.


Martin Omari 150x150Omari Martin, MAFM, LPMAFA, NCGR-PAA I is a certified professional astrologer and a life member of the American Federation Astrologers (AFA), President of The Friends of Astrology, Inc., Treasurer of the Astrology News Service, and Chairman of the board for Kepler College. He has a Level I certification through the National Council of Geocosmic Research – Professional Astrologer’s Alliance. He is a life member of the Organization for Professional Astrology, a certified teacher with the Church of Light – Brotherhood of Light lessons, and a certified integrative NLP practitioner through the Association for Integrative Psychology.

Board Chairs

Margaret Nalbandian - founder of Kepler College and instigator of the first meeting in 1992, incorporation in 1993, obtaining non-profit status and the beginning of course development

Joanne Wickenburg - brought us through our first authorization and opening for classes in 2000
Carol Tebbs - worked for a year from 2003-2004 to stablize our finances and move toward the future
Nico March, Jr. - helped with development for a short time during the academic phase 2004-2007
Robert Hand - guided the board through the transition from academic to general astrological courses from 2007-2016
Christine Arens - after being on the board for many years, she helped us during our restructure and revisioning in 2016-2018 


Kepler President:
Tamira McGillivray

Vice President:
Carol Tebbs

Director of Operations:
Donna Young

Geni Picazo

Operations Coordinator:
Kalen Aradia

Student Services:
Stevie Lowe

Board Officers

Omari Martin, Chair
Denise Menton, Vice-Chair
Joseph Addeo, Recording Secretary
Candace Winn, Assistant Secretary 
Michael BartlettTreasurer


Board Members

William Morris, Chair, Policies & Procedure Committee 

Kerri Holloway, Chair, Vocational Schools Committee 

Bruce Scofield, Board Member

Kay Taylor, Board Member

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