Graduation Speeches

President’s Address

Carol A. Tebbs, M.A.


Kepler board, faculty, families and friends,

Welcome to this milestone event, the first commencement of Bachelor and Associate of Arts degree candidates from Kepler College.

Now that you have experienced some of Kepler College through our promotional DVD, you can see that our students span a wide range of ages, represent three continents, and many more nationalities, ethnicities and cultures. We have students from Japan to Mexico, from Canada to Sweden, and in the U S, from New York to California, from Florida to Washington and everywhere in between. Distance learning with a six-day symposium each term expands educational opportunity to everyone, especially to those living in remote locations or to others who balance education with work and family responsibilities.

No longer is college a rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood, but a vehicle for continuing education and life-long learning.

Liberal Arts and Astrology

A Speech Given at the 2004 Kepler Commencement


Robert Hand

“The liberal arts through the lens of Astrology.” What exactly does this mean and what does it suggest for the future role of Kepler? The phrase “liberal arts” in Latin was originally artes liberales. Unfortunately when the phrase was translated into English, it was translated into English words derived from the Latin, not into truly English equivalents. They were, to use the old term, “Englished,” but not really translated. The Latin word ars, the singular form of artes, does not mean ‘art’ in the usual English sense. It means ‘skill.’ Liberalis actually means “of or belonging to freedom, relating to the freeborn condition of a human being.” Artes liberales thus means “the skills which pertain to, and are necessary for being a free human being.” But are we not all free?

Kepler College: Where We’ve Been

A Commencement Address by Academic Dean J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D.

The last four years have been an adventure: and it would not have been the same without the Lobsters.

Just over thirteen years ago, a meeting was held that launched the effort that became Kepler College. On March 10 th , 2000, the Higher Education Coordinating Board of the State of Washington authorized Kepler’s BA program. The first term began July 20, 2000, and the first symposium began August 18, 2000.

Every student has her or his first day of class at a new school. Every professor has the first day of teaching class. But normally, when a new institution opens, a portion of the faculty will be teaching the same-ol’ - same -ol’; just at a new institution. But not Kepler. Here, we had to invent the curriculum from the bottom up.

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Nico MarchThank you so much Carol .. and welcome to all of you joining us this evening.

The Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu once said: "The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."
Our Journey began at 2:30am on January 6, 1572 when Johannes Kepler was born.

For those of you not familiar with Johannes Kepler, he was the first man to discover and mathematically define the elliptical property of planetary orbits, known as the heliocentric theory, successfully uniting the theories of Copernicus, Plato and Pythagoras as part of his three laws of planetary motion.

In doing so, he demonstrated the essential value of mathematics in describing the processes of the cosmos, without denying their ancient empirical descriptions.

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