Because the world is subject to change...

Actively interpreting the connection between the cosmos and nature as well as between the cosmos and human being are ways that cultures worldwide have dealt with issues of change - changes in individual lives or changes in one's society or nation.

Today we would call many of these practices astrology, and for the last 400 years they were seldom studied in depth in an academic or vocational environment. Few colleges had courses that critically examined how various cultures interpreted and applied their knowledge of cosmological events to human affairs, nor how these beliefs influenced the development of science, medicine, the arts, politics, literature, mythology and religion.

Kepler College was founded to change this picture.

It succeeded.

Even though we no longer offer a degree program, our mission to change the educational landscape continues.

Astrology has been used as a predictive system, a symbolic system and a psychological system. It has been reviled and revered. Until the founding of Kepler College, there were no AA, BA or MA programs that examined the cultural application of cosmological beliefs, including the role astrology played in the development of science, the arts, politics, medicine, mythology and religion. The subject had been relegated to an awareness of its existence, but little understanding or appreciation for how much its worldview has shaped cultures, both in the West and in Asia.

In 2000, Kepler College opened its doors to students interested in earning a liberal arts degree that included the examination of historical, cultural and sociological aspects of astrology and cultural cosmologies and were willing to consider all viewpoints, both pro and con.

Economic realities of the downturn that began in 2008 prevented Kepler from completing its push for federal accreditation as required by the State of Washington. Thus our authorization to grant degrees ended in 2012. Our focus then turned to transforming and adapting many of our classes into a new Certificate Program.

Since its inception, Kepler changed the academic and astrological landscape.

There has been a growth in colleges willing to take a closer look at the intersection of cosmological beliefs and culture, both in the United States and abroad. Examples include the California Institute of Integral Studies; the University of Philosophical Research; the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, Trinity St. David; the Warburg Institute in London and more.

Astrological organizations and individual astrologers alike have gained a new hunger for quality education that includes more than just technique.

The future is not fixed and the dream that originally gave birth to Kepler has not ended. As with all living things, it will continue to evolve into new forms.

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