E512 Symmetry in Astrology 3

Instructor: Gary Christen

One of the first rules of Symmetrical is tossing symbolic out the window in favor of what is actually there and dynamic in nature. So the principles involve finding the question connected to the Asc or MC and connecting to the other personal points. Once the question is found via picture and aspect, then so is the answer. Some of the ancient stuff is useful, such as the Ascendant at the beginning or end of a sign, void of course Moon, etc. It is the idea of a significator that misses the point of the work -- we can do a better job without such symbolic connections and a more descriptive job at that. It is often the notion of symbolic connections that keep astrology out of modern thinking.

This course builds on the work done in E510 and E511. By the end of the course, students will not only understand how to implement the principles and techniques of Symmetrical Astrology, but be able to evaluate, select and apply specific principles as needed to help a client or answer a question with regard to chart interpretation, moving the chart in time and space, and forecasting.

Requirements: This is an advanced-level course. Students need a strong grounding in basic astrological symbolism and natal interpretation, and the principles of Symmetrical Astrology and its applied use in interpretation. E511 or equivalent required.

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