W113 Moving the Chart Practicum - Synthesis and Interpretation

Primary Instructors: Judith Holloway and Gloria Scigliano 
Prerequisite: W110, W111 or knowledge of movement techniques such as transits, progressions, directions, lunar phases

Your client asks a question about what's coming. You know you the techniques for transits, progressions, directions or other methods of moving the chart in time, but how do you select which technique is the most effective? How do you evaluate and weigh the different factors to provide a useful interpretation?
This course will help you refine your skills and gain confidence in your interpretations. 
Every week students will practice using the charts of real people to better understand how to answer specific questions by selecting appropriate methods for the issue at hand. You will learn how to identify key factors to help your clients understand life events and potentials for action and growth.

Either W112 or W113 may be taken to complete the certificate for Moving the Chart in Time and will apply as an elective for the professional diploma.