W112 Moving the Chart Practicum: Synthesis and Rectification

Primary Instructor: Carol Tebbs

In a fluid, multi-national world, many clients do not have birth times, a critical piece of information needed to accurately determine houses and the timing of events. Rectification puts your knowledge and skill with techniques that move the chart in time in order to identify the most likely birth time.

The astrologer and client determine when rectification of the birth time is needed and what is to be accomplished by the search. For an accurate birth time, the dates of major life turning points should confirm the alignment of natal chart patterns to life events. If they do not, the client should provide information of specific life turning points and time range information from family sources.

In this course, students learn to select appropriate modern western techniques for adjusting the birth time to bring relevant natal chart patterns into alignment with appropriate astrological indicators to coincide with the known life events. Study for part III includes:

  • Strategies for ascertaining major life turning points to confirm birth time accuracy and/or need for rectification.
  • Assisting the client in searching family background sources for a birth time or time range
  • Applying chart movement techniques to align appropriate chart patterns and astrological significators to actual life events, from a few minutes of known birth time to a twenty-four hour search.
  • Establishing a method for narrowing the birth time range: applying first, second and third tier strategies to add layers of confirmation to the rectified birth time.
  • Using various rectification search software to narrow the birth time search.
  • Dealing with various ratings of data accuracy from AA to DD (Dirty Data).

Weekly Topics Include:

  • Problematic Issues: Assessing the Need for Birth Time Rectification
  • How to Assess the Natal Chart Dynamics to Set the Stage for Rectification
  • If the Birth Time Doesn’t Match Events, Why Does It Matter? Looking at first tier techniques.
  • Arcing Planets to Angles Can Confirm Birth Time
  • The Angles Set the Basis of Exact Timing in the Rectification Search. Widening the range of techniques for a broader search.
  • Options for working with unknown birth times
  • Put Rectification Theory into Practice: Student Presentations showing how they rectified a chart, the issues involved and their conclusions.

Either W112 or W113 may be taken to complete the certificate for Moving the Chart in Time. In addition, W112 may be taken as an elective for the certificate diploma; Pre-requisite: solid knowledge of movement techniques (W110 and/or W111 will work) or challenge.