W112 Moving the Chart Practicum: Synthesis and Rectification

Primary Instructor: Carol Tebbs
Prerequisite: A solid knowledge of astrology fundamentals and W110 or proof of equivalent training in movement techniques

In a fluid, multi-national world, many clients do not have birth times, a critical piece of information needed to accurately determine the chart Angles and houses and the accurate timing of events. Rectification challenges the student’s knowledge and skill with all movement techniques to derive the most likely birth time.

In practice, the astrologer and client determine when rectification of the birth time is needed and what is to be accomplished by the search. The dates of several major life turning points should confirm the alignment of natal chart patterns to known life events. Advanced astrology software that can search various movement methods is highly recommended, such as: Solar Fire 8 or 9, Kepler, Sirius, Pegasus, Time Passages, and others. Jigsaw (a research program) is not required.

Areas of study include:
  • Testing major life turning points with natal Angles to confirm birth time accuracy and/or assess the need for rectification
  • Assisting the client in searching family sources for the birth time or birth time range
  • Applying chart movement techniques to align appropriate chart patterns and astrological significators to actual life events, from a few minutes of known birth time to a twenty-four hour search
  • Establishing a method for narrowing the birth time range
  • Using rectification search software to narrow the birth time search
  • Dealing with ranges of data accuracy from AA to DD (Dirty Data)
  • Arcing planets to Angles and Angles to planets to confirm birth time
  • Putting rectification theory into practice with student presentations

By the end of the course, Students will:

  • Know the important areas of practice and controversy in rectification
  • Demonstrate knowledge of timing all planetary cycles: transit, progression and direction as shown in the student’s final rectification presentation
  • Evaluate the importance of activated natal chart angles at important events
  • Test potential birth times with several movement measures for appropriate alignment with life events within the birth time range
  • Derive a time that can consistently be repeated and aligned with all major events as shown in the final presentation