EA100B Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology, Part 2

Instructor: Barbara Millios

This second course in this series continues the exploration of the modern iterations of Evolutionary Astrology as a methodology within mainstream astrology. This course focuses on the variation developed by Steven Forrest. Along the way, students will also see how Steven's approach fits into and is an outgrowth of historical developments in spiritual astrology, particularly in the last 150 years.

Steven Forrest’s method has a different starting point than that of Jeffrey Wolf Green. Students will learn how to use the nodal axis as the means of entering the natal chart and its role in chart analysis. In addition, they will learn the order of consideration and means of inclusion for other features and characteristics of the chart. They will also practice creating a past life narrative as revealed by the chart.

You do not need to take Part 1 to take this course. But by comparing and contrasting the basics of each of the two main modern methods (JWG and SF), students will gain a deeper understanding of each.

This course has both live sessions and a course website for additional resources and practical application.

Both Parts 1 and 2 of these seminars give students an overview of Evolutionary Astrology as it has developed in the past and is currently practiced in the 21st century. They also show how Evolutionary Astrology can be used as a methodology within mainstream astrology. Each course examines one of the primary variations in method so students can see the differences in practice. You can take each course independently.

This course counts as 1/2 credit toward a Diploma elective.