Supporting Kepler

A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Kepler College has exciting news! We are opening the doors of our physical library and sending our sacred wisdom texts into the world by making them available to the astrological community for purchase.

To find out more and donate to receive your gift of a box of books,

With your help, Kepler College will provide more opportunities for astrologers through a wider range of general and diversity scholarships, research grants, a virtual library dedicated to academic research, as well as increasing multi-lingual access, and our free community webinars. 

Hurry if you want to participate! This sale won't last long. 


Your generous gift ensures that Kepler can serve its students, enhance the professionalism of its instructors, offer resources to the general community (such as our free webinar series), develop its library, and have the resources needed to maintain the quality of its  programs.