Counseling and Relationships

Counseling and Relationships

Primary Instructor: Karen McCauley. Guests have included Erin Sullivan, Claudia Dikinis, Cindy Tierney, Cornelia Hansen, Donna Cunningham, Robert Glasscock and Donna Van Toen.

The first course in this series (WR201) is for anyone who wants to try out their astrological expertise with other people. It covers basic counseling issues and ethical considerations. The other courses locate various relationships in the natal chart, chart comparisons and other modern Western approaches to interpretation of relationships. 

Primary Instructors: Karen McCauley and Inga Thornell. Guests have included Claudia Dikinis, Bob Glasscock and Donna Van Toen. 

In this course, students will be introduced to considerations involved in astrological counseling, and to the process of working on relationship issues with clients, including finding relationships in the chart, organizing a session, methods of delivering content, ethical issues and referral strategies.

Instructor: Cornelia Hansen

Using a chart to determine an individual's psychological temperament has ancient origins. This course applies that knowledge to better understand children.

Primary Instructor: Karen McCauley

Astrology can provide a great deal of insight into the basic dynamics of love and marriage. This course will cover techniques, including comparisons and composites. Psychological principles, psychological issues and ethical concerns and considerations will also be examined. The primary goal is to promote better understanding, application and usage of basic consultation and communication skills with regard to questions about relationships.