E520B Calling and the Soul's Transformations

It is a narrow view of soul that confines it to the individual and the world of the personal psyche. What is the intersection of individual and universal soul?  One name is magic. Another is a calling.

Instructors; Joseph Crane and Enid Newberg (6-week course)

What does astrology tell us about our soul's calling that helps us understand what we are meant to do?

There is an entire cultural history around these universal experiences.

The essence of the soul’s journey is the discovery of a larger sense of who we are and how we live in the world. In ordinary experience, our primary interactions with the world are through our daily work, our job or career. But this may not be the same as being "called" to a particular type of action or work. Sometimes the soul's calling is quiet; sometimes it is a demand that is triggered by grief or other traumas in our lives. The experience of being "called" asks that we trod the difficult path to transform ourselves and our world. Whether or how we act upon that call that is our soul’s “vocation.”

This course explores how astrology can help us understand our soul's journey, and how natal charts can depict one’s calling.

Calling, Fall, Return

What is calling?

It is one of the most important activities and expressions of soul. Some individuals act early upon their calling and carry it out successfully – but they are often the exceptions. Indispensable seems to be an awareness of the larger world in which we live and our potential impact. We must take the first step of moving from the personal to the global – or cosmic – and appreciating that we can make a difference in the larger world. The symbols of astrology provide a template for this process.

Is it part of the soul’s nature to fall and return?

In modern thinking, the “call” is away from unconscious conformity and habitual thinking and behavior and moves us toward authentic being, a process that can occur many times in our lives. The traditional metaphor, however, is cosmic and personal – the soul descends from the heavens downwards and lands on earth; and return is a literal journey back upwards through the heavens. We will compare different approaches from long ago that have strongly influenced our understanding today, that are part of our “cultural DNA”.

The soul’s crises and cultivations are one of the reasons we work with astrology. And this concern for the soul has been part of astrology throughout its history.

E520 is a three-part program that is the most comprehensive treatment of soul and astrology offered anywhere. It traces the connections between our ideas about soul in philosophy, religion and astrology, through Western and Eastern history and practice. It will introduce you to a range of perspectives and applications that can aid in living a good life and help sustain the spirit through life's transitions.

 No prerequisites, just an interest in astrology and exploring your own and other's deep philosophical and spiritual questions about soul