W110 Fundamentals V: The Basics of Chart Movement

Primary Instructor: Carol Tebbs, Gloria Scigliano

This is not an introductory course. Students are expected to have a working knowledge of the elements of natal chart interpretation and synthesis. 

The W110 course examines the development of modern Western interpretive methods of movement based upon planetary cycles, natural phenomena and symbolic interpretive tools from the 16th to the 21st centuries.


  • Areas of study for “Moving the Chart in Time” Part I include:
    • Reviewing the major history of modern Western astrological movement methods from the 16th century to the present
    • Interpreting Solar and Lunar Eclipses as harbingers of life focus
    • Understanding the Outer Planet Transit cycles in human growth and development, and their timing role in activation of the natal chart
    • Moving the chart with Solar Arc Directions or Secondary Progressions to reveal the natal chart focus for the year – other progressions show months and weeks in focus
    • Timing the month with the Progressed Moon, as well as using the 15-year period of focus within which the 3 ½ year Lunar Phases and how these techniques unfold in stages.
    • Selecting the Appropriate Timing Method for the Task. Clients come to an astrologer with questions, only some of which involve current timing. How do you choose what interpretive techniques will best serve the client's needs? 


  • By the end of the course, Students will:

    • Know the important areas of practice and controversy in the movement topics covered in the course
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the various timing of all planetary cycles by transit, progression and direction as shown in the student’s final presentation
    • Evaluate the importance of activated natal chart planets, angles and sensitive points and combine them into a cohesive interpretation as shown through the student’s homework and final presentation
    • Apply several movement techniques from the course to accurately interpret the activated natal planets and patterns for a specific year as shown through the student’s final presentation

W110 and W111 are part of the Certificate Diploma designed to give you a well-rounded view of astrological practice.