E520 Character, Calling and Karma: Astrologies of Soul

3 Workshops over 3 terms
Instructors; Joseph Crane and Enid Newberg

The cultivation of soul is the key to human flourishing and happiness, in this life and in future lifetimes. This is a basic truth held by wisdom traditions of all kinds – Eastern and Western, ancient and contemporary – yet this means different things in different traditions.

Most of us have also experienced a “soul crisis” or “dark nights of the soul” in which we feel our very existence is called into question and when we find our way back – we sense we have changed in a fundamental way.

The soul’s crises and cultivations are one of the reasons we work with astrology. And this concern for the soul has been part of astrology throughout its history. This program is the most comprehensive treatment of soul and astrology offered anywhere. It traces the connections between concepts of soul, from philosophy, religion and astrology, through Western and Eastern history and practice. It will introduce you to a range of perspectives and applications that can aid in living a good life and help sustain the spirit through life's transitions.

All three courses survey the traditions that astrologers inherited and created and apply their ideas to astrological practice.

Each course in Astrologies of Soul explores a different feature of soul and its relationship to astrology.  We begin with a wisdom tradition and then move into the modern era and its astrology.  We separate the three courses by three basic ways of thinking about soul.

E520A. Psyche and Character (FALL term)

In this course students start their travel in the ancient world. Here we find soul described as our energetic presence in the world. Moving through the centuries, students will see how this concept is still present in modern times in our ideas about character, in psychology and in astrological interpretation.

E520B Soul and the World (WINTER term)

“Soul and World” begins in the Renaissance with an investigation of how soul is also universal. Thus we are part of and within the universe’s grand plan – this is soul as Calling.  What is the intersection of individual and universal soul?  We can call it magic.

E520C The Recurring and Evolving Soul (SPRING term)

The third workshop begins in ancient India and takes soul through many lifetimes.  The varying ideas about karma and the soul's reincarnation has had an enormous impact on astrology from the theosophical movement to evolutionary astrology today. 

NOTE: These workshops have two parts: an online course site with supplemental material and online discussion forums. Students taking the course for the diploma will also have assignments. Each week there is a live interactive online conference. The live portion of the course is recorded and students will receive a copy of the recording.  

Each individual 5-week workshop is $195, $530 if you take all three (students signing up for all three courses get $50 off the price of taking the courses individually). All three workshops are required to be counted as a diploma elective or for the Multi-Cultural Traditions Certificate.