Getting started

 This course provides you with the initial tools needed for a longer, more in-depth journey into the symbolism of astrology. It will allow you to recognize that astrological symbols and symbolism can be found everywhere - from Shakespeare's plays to the names of cars (for example, by using the name "Taurus" the Ford Taurus represents a car that is solid and stable, but still attractive and comfortable).

The modern Western astrologer calculates a chart based on the time and date of birth plus the location in order to determine the houses. The interpretation provided is based on the meaning of the planets as modified by their location in each of the signs and each of the houses plus their relationship or aspects to each other.

Just as in this introductory course, there are many astrological books and websites which will give each astrologer's particular interpretation of each of these pieces. In addition, you can find many sources which will give you specifics - this is what Mercury in Sagittarius means - this is what Mercury in the sixth house means. What they cannot give you, and what distinguishes a good astrologer from the bad, is a synthesis of meaning. As you learn astrology, you learn to integrate the meanings of Mercury in Sagittarius with Mercury in the sixth house as modified by the fact that Mercury may also be conjunct the Sun and square Mars.

To understand your own chart is to understand yourself. And just like understanding yourself, it is a lifelong endeavor.

If you want to know more, there are many books, courses, and individuals who can teach you. The Kepler Certificate Program offers in-depth and intensive courses for all serious students of astrology. If you have any questions about our program, please contact us at

Below is a list of some of the larger astrological organizations (there are also many, many smaller local groups that you can contact to find someone who shares your interests):

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